House of the Corregidora of Queretaro

House of the Corregidora
House of the Corregidora

House of the Corregidora witness of the beginning of the Independence of Mexico

In the building that was once the home of the Corregidor Miguel Dominguez Aleman and also your wife Doña Josefa Ortiz de Dominguez, Currently the Palace de Goverment of the State of Queretaro is located.

Popularly known as the House of the Corregidora, this place that was witness of the abrupt start the war of the Independence of Mexico.

This building is the old House of the Corregidores in Viceregal times.  Its construccion start by mid-eighteenth century and it’s conclude until 1770, it is of palaciego style its high walls are ornamented with a succession of windows and balconies in its two levels; The facade is finished off with sturdy macetones that seem to give greater strength to the whole. The work was concluded thanks to donation of Martin José de la Roa, that in exchange for being appointed Perpetual Corregidor, provided what was necessary for its construction.

The House of the Corregidora
The House of the Corregidora

Beginning of the war of independence

Besides being House of the Corregidores, in the same building the royal prison operated. When it was inhabited by Don Miguel Dominguez in the courtyards literary evenings known as Tertulias began to take place; In the upper area Ignacio Allende, Juan Aldama, Miguel Hidalgo, the corregidores and others met, who between verse and verse were conspiring against the Crown. It is in one of these Tertulias they program the War of Independence for December 12, but it finally explodes before.

On September 13, 1810, the viceroy discovers the conspiracies thanks to Arias and Galván, who were still part of the Independence movement but no longer pursued the interests betrayed the conspiracy. The viceroy gots angry and orders Miguel Dominguez that orders to kill all the people involved, but he obviously cannot kill his wife or anyone in the movement as for example his great friend Hidalgo (those who had been classmates), nor can it kill the idea of freedom. So, on the afternoon of September 15, 1810 Don Miguel Dominguez, enclouses his wife to protect and not to raise suspicion.

The story relates that Doña Josefa Ortiz de Dominguez, as a last resort could give notice to Captain Ignacio Allende, when he learned that the conspiracy had been discovered. It is said that Doña Josefa communicated with the mayor of the jail, hitting the wall of her room that adjoined her rooms. Don Ignacio Perez left the prison and came to his call, but by found being closed the door of the great Zaguan, that it was through the lock that received the anguished verbal message and she asked him to deliver two letters to their respective addressees. he passes them under the door.

Ignacio Pérez out the old alley of the biombo, currently Andador May 5, takes a horse and goes to San Miguel el Grande now know as San Miguel de Allende to deliver the letter to Allende with whom they go to look for Hidalgo at his home in Cocomacan now known as Dolores Hidalgo. They are waiting for him at home, since he was not there. When arriving Hidalgo, they deliver the letter and when reading it it finds out the betrayal of Arias and Galván.

Enraged, breaks the letter and leaves immediately to Atotonilco decided to start to war by the Independence of Mexico, with the well-known Grito de Dolores.

Casa de la Corregidora
Casa de la Corregidora

Appointment of the House of the Corregidora

This episode was worth to him to the enclosure for to be known like the House of the Corregidora, although later it continued being witness of great events.

In 1821 Agustín de Iturbide, for brief days, dispatched in this Palace once the resistance was defeated. Once the Independence was consumated, the House of Corregidores was assigned to the Government Palace. Tomas Mejia, commanding an army of serranos when he took Querétaro on October 14, 1856, occupies the Government Palace and lets his troops dedicate themselves to destruction, especially the rich archive that kept many documents related to Independence.

Again in 1857 Tomas Mejia attacked the Palace, took it, but a brave charge of General José María Arteaga restored it to the republican forces. Don José María Iglesias in 1876 installed his Government in the Palace, for what served as the National Palace.

Maximilian of Habsburg in 1867 several times discussed there with his generals the problems of being besieged and honored the distinguished in campaign. In the west wing there were prisons and lodged notable criminals like Chucho el Roto and Carambada.

The mansion was Municipal Palace until 1981. It was restored, and the prisoners moved to prison built in San Jose del Alto.

On July 25, 1981, the President of Mexico, José López Portillo, reopened the Casa de la Corregidora as the Government Palace.

In our days it is the Government Palace. It is the name that popular history has given to this site that witnessed the beginning of the Mexican War of Independence.

Today it is considered one of the most important symbols of our Independence.


Casa de la Corregidora

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