The Pantheon of illustrious Queretanos


It is the first civil pantheon that existed in the city of Queretaro. It was built in 1844 by Fray Mariano Aguilera, in what was the orchard of the Convent of the Cross when it was still belonged to the church.
The convent of santa cruz has become one of the most visited sites in the city thanks to its role as silent witness of history, place of definitive battles and today shelter of the remains of most notable historical figures of our city, where tribute is paid to the most illustrious men of the city; Thus are the heroes of independence, creators, benefactors, architects, governors, teachers and artists.
Inside the pantheon is the Chapel of the Sorrowful Virgin, original patron of the field.

Altar of important Queretanos

It is a space for the characters that fought to give us the homeland, a space to remember, a circuit of space, peace and a field, are found the remains of the Corregidora of Queretaro and a set of characters that left their mark on the history of Querétaro Among the primordial, the characters who remain are deposited there, are the following: Mrs. Josefa Ortiz de Dominguez, Mr. Epigmenio Gonzalez, Mr. Ignacio Pérez, General Octavio S. Mondragón, Mr. Valentín F. Frías, Mr. José Guadalupe Velázquez Pedraza, Mr. Germán Patiño, Gral, José María Arteaga, Mrs. Josefa Vergara and Hernández and Fray Ignacio Mariano de las Casas.


Here are the remains of the corregidores of Querétaro, his remains are here since 1894. In our day the Pantheon has the ashes of Illustrious Queretans. This funerary circuit is up the Republican Army Avenue, from Av. De los Arcos. Since this interesting and beautiful site has an exceptional panoramic view of the city.


Illustrious people

  • Miguel Domínguez. Corregidor de Querétaro, participated in the conspiracy of Querétaro.
  • Josefa Ortiz (1768-1829). Wife of the Corregidor of Querétaro, Miguel Domínguez, participated in the conspiracy of Querétaro.
  • Epigmenio González (1778-1858). I participated in the conspiracy of Querétaro.
  • José María Arteaga. Governor of the state and of Jalisco, combat in the War with the United States, in the War of Reform and in the French Intervention of 1862.
  • Ignacio Pérez (1786-1846). Also called “The messenger of Liberty”, the sot-warden of the “Caja de Querétaro”, informed Hidalgo and Allende of the discovery of the independence movement.
  • Juan Antonio de Urrutia and Arana «Marquis of the Villa of the Villar del Águila» Eagle. (1670-1743) .. Benefactor; builder of the State Aqueduct, in addition to numerous popular fountains and bridges in the state.
  • Fernando Espinosa. Engineer and educator.
    Cold Valentine. Historian and writer who generated a great enrichment for the history of the state
  • Octavio S. Mondragón Guerra. Military doctor and governor of the state.
  • Josefa Vergara and Hernández. Benefactor.
  • José Guadalupe Velázquez Pedraza. Benefactor.
  • Germán Patiño. Benefactor.
  • Fray Ignacio Mariano de las Casas Architect and sculptor of baroque style.


Panteón de los Queretanos Ilustres

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