What to see in Querétaro

Tourist Routes in Querétaro, We have a compilation and recommendations of the best places in the City of Querétaro and its surroundings, we started.

The best places to visit in Querétaro

Amazing site and the most recognized by most visitors, here the best places to visit in our beautiful city and state of Queretaro, locate your destination and know more about Queretaro, we begin the trip.


Peña de Bernal Queretaro Magic Town

The Peña de Bernal Magic town is a mandatory reference for climbers from around the planet. More Bernal is not only a destination for...

Tequisquiapan Queretaro, Magical Town

It is part of the magical towns of Querétaro, Tequisquiapan people magical beautiful and gentle newborn hermoseada square, an ideal place to stroll with...

The best Tianguis of Queretaro

Tianguis of Querétaro The tianguis are a mixture of the prehispanic mercantile traditions, as well as the bazaars arrived to America from Spain, these are...

Temple of the Cruz of Queretaro

Temple of the Cruz of Queretaro(or ex-convent de la Cruz), It is regarded as a building of great religious content and symbol of the...
The Arcos of Queretaro

The Arcos of Queretaro

The aqueduct of Queretaro is considerate the most important urban work of centuary XVIII; It is a symbol and pride of the city of...

The Old Railway Station of Queretaro

With more than one hundred years of history, the Old Railway Station is one of the emblematic buildings of Querétaro. The majestic construction has...
House of the Corregidora

House of the Corregidora of Queretaro

House of the Corregidora witness of the beginning of the Independence of Mexico In the building that was once the home of the Corregidor Miguel...

Sierra Gorda of Queretaro, Biosphere Reserve

Sierra Gorda of Queretaro The Sierra Gorda is located in the region of the Gulf of Mexico, some people know it as "The Green Jewel...

Casona of the Cinco Patios

The Casona of the Cinco Patios has witnessed many episodes of Queretaro's history. Located on the old street of Biombo number two, today Andador...
Parque Bicentenario

Park Acatico bicentennial in Queretaro

Best Park of amusements of the Mexican Bajio, located in the city of Querétaro; more than 14 amusement and water park for $50 pesos.Schedules:...

Temple of Santa Rosa de Viterbo in Queretaro

The convent and temple of Santa Rosa de Viterbo was built in the late seventeenth century early eighteenth century in honor of the Rose...

The Cathedral of Queretaro

The old oratory of San Felipe Neri today designated as the Cathedral of Querétaro (at the request of the doctor and also of the...
Balnearios En Querétaro

Spas of Querétaro

In Queretaro there are different options for fun, among them is the great attraction of the spas that are located in the different municipalities...
Cerro de las Campanas

The hill of the bells, Chapel of Maximilian of Habsburg

This historical place located in the center of the city of Santiago de Queretaro, It has an iconic and transcendental national representation of the...
Teatro de la República

Theater of the Republic

This circuit of neoclassical style, Its construction began in eighteen hundred and forty five in the corner of the street of the Alhóndiga and...

The Pantheon of illustrious Queretanos

It is the first civil pantheon that existed in the city of Queretaro. It was built in 1844 by Fray Mariano Aguilera, in what...
Casa de la marquesa

House of the Marquesa, Mexican Baroque age Querétaro

The Casa de la Marquesa is a mansion located in the center of the City of Querétaro, belonging to the Mexican civil baroque period...

Tourism in Queretaro everything you need to see and do

Among the best places we mentioned above in this block, we have a couple of recommendations to do in Qro and see in the City and the State.

Recommendation of Hotels at a good price

To stay in your visit to the beautiful city you have a list of hotels in the State, where you will find the best hotels, the cheapest or cheapest and at an intermediate level.

Visit the Museums of Querétaro

Culture can not be lacking in a colonial style city with beautiful attractions such as its streets, cazonas and museums, where its Spanish roots have left us wonderful haciendas and buildings worth visiting now converted into museums.

¿Are you looking for travel agency?

As one of the alternatives to travel with a map in hand for a trip can be to hire a travel agency, where they usually facilitate the logistics of our trips, here a list of Local Agencies that we hope will be of your help.

Restaurants where to eat well

There is diversity in the food Queretana, being a city of enough tourism with all kinds of cuisines, Mexican, Italian, Argentine, Chinese, Cantonese, French, the most economical or cheap and at an intermediate level as well.

Tour’s recommended for your visit

To complement your trip, you probably already walked through the beautiful streets of the center, because to speed up the tour of monuments and places we have tour tours that may interest you, super recommended.

¿Are you going to rent a car?

If your trip includes going to Peña de Bernal or the wine cellars, visiting several tourist places is not a bad idea to rent a car and make the most of your visit to the city and the entire state.

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